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Date: March 7-14, 2020
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Here's where we're going !!!
Here's where we're going

Dear Yogi,

What was the event that got you to first step on your mat?

For me, it was something that happened when I was only 3 years old. 

My dad, after fathering 6 children (I'm the youngest), up and left. 

Said he needed to follow his spiritual path. So he left the country, more like a fugitive than anything spiritual to me. 

Growing up, our mom, and us 6 kids struggled. My mom was devastated after he left, without any real work skills. We all had to contribute in our own ways just to survive. 

The layers of resentment and hurt went deep for me.

I not only resented him for creating chaos in our lives, but for never being there for me as the father I needed growing up. 

In fact, for a good part of my life, I hated him. 

On top of that, I held this guilt inside of me for years believing that I was somehow to blame for him leaving. 

It held this belief that I was unloveable... unworthy of love. 

And, since the reason he left was for a Spiritual Path, I thought all that spirituality stuff was a bunch of BS. 

Life was not looking too good for me right from the start. 

Have you ever been able to relate?

But this is not a sad story of loss. In fact, as you'll see clearly in just a minute, there was one event that took place that transformed the bitterness, resentment and hate into peace, understanding and love. 

Now, I'm married to the love of my life. 

She is so beautiful. I am crazy in love with her.

We have 2 beautiful children.

My heart bursts with love for those 2 little girls every day. 

And, I get to work with my brother and my best friend, teaching great people how to use the "Magic of Yoga" to get rid of the terror of negative emotions, get rid of their chronic back, neck, shoulder or knee pain, and restore the natural feeling of "Oneness" with yourself. 

And it all happened through the "Magic of Yoga". 

Don't be freaked out by the term. 

What I mean is something you've experienced at different points in your life:

The feeling that things are just working out for you.

Without strain, stress or struggling, suddenly, your life has brightened. 

You've fallen in love.

You've made a big success in business. 

You experience some healing of your body spontaneously, without any explanation. 

That is the Magic of Yoga; even if you'd never heard of yoga when those things happened. 

Now, consider this:

What if that "magic" could be bottled, carried with you, the power available to you when you need it most?

As remarkable as it sounds right now, it can. 

In fact, there's a science to it. 

I'll share this "Magic Formula" with you in just a minute. 

First, there's a big lie about yoga we have to get rid of...
The Big Lie About Yoga These Days:
If you've been practicing yoga for more than about a month, you have probably been on the receiving end of the current Yoga Propaganda.

Listen, I love yoga. I love the yoga community. 

But just like when anything gets really popular, the power and purity of that thing gets diluted. 

Think of sitting down in a circle as a kid and playing the Telephone Game. Remember that one?

"Johnny went to the store with his dog" turns into 

"Penelope fell in love with Johnny swinging on the swingset."

The Telephone Game effect on yoga has made people believe that yoga is all about stretching. 

But the effects of yoga are profound; healing the body, the mind and the emotions.

But...Why in the World Would YOU Want to Attend?
Over 8 days of "Paradise Living", you'll rediscover that youthful, lively and energetic part of your self that so often gets buried under the burdens of modern daily life. 

Here's a short list of what some of the pleasures you're going to enjoy:
  •  Luxurious accommodations at Bodhi Tree Resort and Spa. Both men and women throughout history have spoken about the power of natural beauty to restore the soul. Now you can join them and feel that power yourself again.
  •  You'll feel lighter, healthier and walk with a spring in your step again after 8 days of the most delicious healthy food you’ve ever tasted (and, someone else is doing all the cooking :) 
  •  8 days of yoga training to restore health to your body; the classes you'll participate in have been designed to unravel the years of tension that have built up and leave you feeling lighter, more supple, and feel the freedom of movement in your body. 
  •  Meditation training to give you immediate control over your emotional state so the fuel and fire of your emotions works for you. If you've ever felt bullied by your emotions, this is the training that will restore your own internal power again. And, how to use the low energy emotions to restore and replenish yourself.
  •  And so much more...
Listen To What Our Students Are Saying About What This Type of Retreat Can Do For You:
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